torsdag 1 mars 2007

Klassisk humor

Av någon orsak kom jag att tänka på klassiska humorister och tänkte därför påminna mina miljoner läsare om följande tidlösa verk:

Jerome K. Jerome: Tre män i en båt
Mark Twain: Snälla gossar och stygga

Dom var roliga redan på 1800-talet!

"George has bought some new things for this trip, and I'm rather vexed about them. The blazer is loud. I should not like George to know that I thought so, but there really is no other word for it. He brought it home and showed it to us on Thursday evening. We asked him what colour he called it, and he said he didn't know. He didn't think there was a name for the colour. The man had told him it was an Oriental design. George put it on, and asked us what we thought of it. Harris said that, as an object to hang over a flower-bed in early spring to frighten the birds away, he should respect it; but that, considered as an article of dress for any human being, except a Margate nigger, it made him ill. George got quite huffy; but, as Harris said, if he didn't want his opinion, why did he ask for it?

What troubles Harris and myself, with regard to it, is that we are afraid it will attract attention to the boat."

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